Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Restore your smile with dental implants in Guernsey

If you’ve had enough of wearing dentures, or you are facing the prospect of missing teeth, dental implants are well worth considering. Available in-house at Roseneath Dental, implants offer a permanent replacement for missing teeth – and dental professionals agree that nothing looks or feels as close to a natural tooth.

The dental implant procedure involves relatively minor surgery to implant a synthetic ‘tooth root’ into the jaw bone. Made from extremely strong, durable and biocompatible titanium, the implant gradually integrates with the bone tissue, creating a secure and permanent foundation onto which a bespoke dental restoration can be placed.

As well as providing full function and a completely lifelike tooth restoration, dental implants also support your jaw bone structure, preventing the ageing ‘shrinkage’ that occurs when missing teeth are left untreated.

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  • Benefits of implants

    Dental professionals agree that dental implants are by far the most compelling permanent solution for tooth loss, mimicking both the look and, crucially, the feel of a real tooth with no discernable difference. Dental implants are ideal for supporting existing dentures too, effectively securing dentures to the jaw and eliminating problems of movement and slippage. With dental implants, you can eat, speak and smile with complete confidence, forever.

    • Implants can fill in the gaps and bring back the smile you once had.
    • You’ll once again be able to enjoy foods such as apples, steak and even corn on the cob with confidence.
    • Implants can either completely replace dentures or at least remove the need for sticky denture adhesive.
    • You can help maintain your bone structure and support your facial tissues. Implants can reduce or eliminate bone atrophy, which causes the sagging facial tissue that is associated with old age.

  • Implant options

    Implants are versatile and can be used in a variety of restoration cases, including:

    • Replacing a single missing tooth - just a single implant is needed
    • Replacing a series of two or more missing teeth - implants replace crowns with a bridge in between
    • Replacing an entire arch (or both arches) - several implants are used to anchor a complete set of replacement teeth
    • Securing dentures - a solution that offers a substantial improvement over having to use adhesive

"I started going to Roseneath a couple of years ago and everyone at the practice is very welcoming and friendly. Jose is without a doubt one of the best dentists that I have ever been to, he is highly professional, but also calm and funny and most importantly for me, he has never caused me any undue pain. I trust his judgement implicitly and he always explains what he is doing and the options for treatment. I’m having implants put in at the moment and this would not have been something that I would have considered had I not had the faith and trust in Jose."