Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Healthy teeth for life in St Peter Port

Every child should have a healthy and beautiful smile. Our calm and caring environment ensures a visit to the dentist can be something fun to look forward to.

Children’s dental services at Roseneath Dental include:

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Twice-yearly check-ups
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Tips, techniques and product advice for cleaning teeth at home
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Advice on getting the right diet for a healthy mouth
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Cavity prevention including fluoride varnish and fissure sealants
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Custom sports guards
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Early orthodontic assessment

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  • Prevention

    For your children, this should begin as soon as the first teeth appear. Once teeth have emerged, they should be cleaned gently with a soft brush and a tiny amount of children’s toothpaste containing an appropriate amount of fluoride for their age.

    Children are highly susceptible to dental decay and from a very young age, it is essential that the quantity and frequency of dietary sugars and natural juices consumed by children is restricted.  Instead, babies and children should be actively encouraged to drink and enjoy water.  

  • Regular check-ups

    For the identification and treatment of any problems at an early stage, visits to your dentist are invaluable in the prevention of dental problems in children.  From an early age, we can give parents guidance on good cleaning habits. 

    Dental development should be monitored at each appointment, so that if there are any anomalies in development such as crowding, missing or extra teeth, early identification and proactive management of the condition can limit the difficulties later on.  

  • Protection

    Techniques such as the use of fissure sealants and fluoride application on newly erupted adult molar teeth will often prevent cavities from forming. This, combined with sound dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction, will reduce the risk of your child developing decay. 

"My 3 year old son was apprehensive on his first trip to the dentist but I wanted to get him into the routine of 6 monthly check-ups from an early age. The staff were brilliant at explaining everything to him in a child friendly way and he has been happy to go to the dentist ever since and understands the importance of making sure he brushes his teeth!"